Month: June 2013

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013 – Windows Azure Mobile Services


The Silicon Valley Code Camp is the biggest free conference of the Silicon Valley. On October 5th and 6th, come to learn about any technology (not only Microsoft) at the Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA. And this year, I have the change to speak with Eugene Chuvyrov (@EugeneChuvyrov) about Windows Azure Mobile Services. We will show you how to integrate Azure Mobile Services in your existing applications running iOS and Windows Phone.

Fast & Furious iOS and Windows Phone development with Azure Mobile Services

Time to market is critical in mobile application development, and new cloud-based technologies are here to help you get your apps out the door faster. By abstracting back-end operations and using a powerful SDK, Windows Azure Mobile Services allows you to focus on creating beautiful native User Interfaces on the web (HTML 5), iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices and coding custom logic for these platforms. In this presentation, Eugene Chuvyrov and Fabien Lavocat will demonstrate how a single backend hosted on Windows Azure Mobile Services powers both iOS and Windows Phone devices. Taking advantage of the data from Dun & Bradstreet Developer Challenge, they will demonstrate a mobile CRM system that they created for these platforms.

I am speaking at silicon valley code camp. Please come to my session!  Click here for details.

Windows Phone 8 Samples Update


The Windows Phone Developer team has updated / added new samples to help developers making great applications for Windows Phone. Each sample contains enough information for you to start learning a new feature or just get a idea for a new application. Open your Visual Studio and start downloading the samples. Here is the list of the last updated samples:

Source of the article Windows Phone Developer Blog.
All the Windows Phone samples can be found at

New Windows Azure Benefits for MSDN Subscribers


Microsoft is presenting Windows 8.1 update at TechEd North America in New Orleans, LA and at the same time published information about Visual Studio 2013 and new benefits about Windows Azure for MSDN Subscribers.

Some highlights I want to share with you:

  • Microsoft is now charging Virtual Machines, Web and Worker roles, per-minute.
  • You will not be charged if your Virtual Machine is stopped. All your deployment state is preserved.

Monthly Windows Azure Credits and usage

After a first month with $200 credit for any MSDN subscriber, depending on your subscription level (Professional, Premium or Ultimate) you will get respectively $50, $100 or $150 to use for any Windows Azure service for dev/test purpose. And that’s the big point here. You are not anymore allowed to use your MSDN subscription to publish any Windows Azure service for production purpose. If you still want to be able to do so, you will need to refuse the new offer, sign into the account portal, and next to your Windows Azure MSDN subscription you will find the option to opt out of the conversion. Microsoft BizSpark Startups are not concerned by the dev/test purpose limitation. Get more information regarding the BizSpark program.

MSDN Rates for Windows Azure

On top of the new credit based account, MSDN subscribers will also benefit from lower rates for some services. A picture is more efficient that a long text, so here are the discounts you will be able to enjoy.


MSDN Software

Another great thing coming with this announcement is that you are now allows to use your MSDN licenses on Windows Azure. In other words, you can publish a Virtual Machine with any software coming from your MSDN account. (except client OS)