Windows Azure outage on February 22, 2013

Azure SSL Outage

What a nice day in San Francisco after a week in Redmond, WA at the Microsoft headquarter for the Microsoft MVP Summit 2013.
On Friday, February 22, 2013 at 12:44 PM PST, the datacenters of the giant cloud service experienced a worldwide outage impacting the HTTPS traffic of the Storage service.

Azure Outage

1:30 PM PST, Microsoft identifies the issues. It comes from an expired SSL certificate. It seems Microsoft did not learn enough about the outage that happened during the leap day in 2012. Learn more about the service disruption of February 29th 2012.

Azure Outage

1:45 PM PST, Access Control, Service Bus, and the WebSites services are also impacted by the SSL certificate expiration.

Azure Outage

2:15 PM PST, Microsoft start patching their testing environment.


3:45 PM PST, Microsoft start patching their production environment. It will take few more hours before a full recovery. The storage I use for my application Earthquakes was back online at around 9 PM PST. No one is 100% safe from this kind of problem, but this is the second outage due to a certificate. Let see if Microsoft will publish something to explain the details of the problem like they do every time something goes wrong.


Windows Azure Service Dashboard.

I updated my application Earthquakes for Windows Phone 8 with a back-end using Windows Azure and Mobiles Services. I hope I did not make this outage happened 😉
I’ll publish soon an update for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 to support the new features provided by the Azure back-end.

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