Best practices for Windows Phone Tango with 256 MB

Windows Phone logoMicrosoft is about to release Windows Phone Tango (March 21st in China), the “light” edition of the mobile OS for low-cost devices. This OS update will support devices with only 256 MB, but in order to do that, we (developers) will have to work a bit more on the performance of our applications. Only 90 MB will be available for the application that is currently running, but Microsoft suggests to use less than 60 MB because the gap between 60 MB and 90 MB will be paged so for better performance, so, stay below 60 MB. The other thing you should know is that the Background agents are not supported on 256-MB devices.

Some Windows Phone developers already received this email from Microsoft to warn them that their applications are too heavy to run on the “low-cost” devices.


Nokia published an excellent best practices document that provides a very good opportunity for you to improve the performance of your applications.

Best practice tips for delivering apps to Windows Phone with 256 MB by Nokia.

You can of course forbid your application to be run on a Tango device by adding this line in the WPAppManifest.xml file:

  <Requirement Name="ID_REQ_MEMORY_90" />

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